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NewsPosted by Beddington North Tue, April 04, 2017 15:07:32

Communities always seem to come together in any form of crisis. I don’t mind admitting that the first involvement I had with the BNNF was when the London Borough of Sutton first made the decision to re-develop Richmond Green and rumours abounded about bridges being built across the Wandle.

The bridges were rumour, the Council’s Plans were clearly flawed and needed questioning and so I have stuck around because I realise that their decision had its roots the year before and, earlier questioning may have delivered a different outcome.

Because the reality is that the only people who really care about Beddington North are the people who live and work here and the BNNF provides a forum to take concerns or creative ideas forward through the layers of bureaucracy straight to the heart of the Council. And the delight is that this has no political edge – we want to hold our three local Councillors to account as much as anyone. But we also want to demand Beddington North’s fair share of investment to make this a safer and more ever improving place to live.

Right now, we are still addressing ongoing issues in Richmond Green – when Highways Department put the wrong road signs up inferring that it is Richmond Road that they have closed rather than Richmond Green!

Or when they say that a crumbling wall on the Bridle Path is safe…..

And we are considering an order for a birthday cake to celebrate the time it is taking that same Highways team to make safe the balustrade on the bridge on Beddington Lane that is lethal to pedestrians – especially kids.

There is a new team Chaired by Sandy Goodwin, with the support of Tom Sweeney, Karen Williams, Gervais Sawyer and Tim Foster. What we need is your involvement. The next meeting is at the House of Favour in Beddington Lane on April 25th – come and share your thoughts and get involved.

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